Irish Shamrock Suncatcher

Irish Shamrock Suncatcher

Item# CL-0083-402
Why We Love This
- The emerald shamrock shining bright through the ages.

- Features the Irish shamrock

- Celtic trinity knots design.

Product Details

Spice up your home decor in Irish style with our Shamrock-Celtic Reflections piece is a great option. This plaque is made from stained glass, a durable material that captures light and adds vibrancy to any room. The design features traditional Irish shamrocks and Celtic trinity knots, representing the Holy Trinity. Measuring 6.3 inches square, you can place this piece anywhere in your home, preferably by a source of light. Make sure you simply dust it.

  • Displaying great craftsmanship, this decorative piece is crafted from stained glass, a hand painted durable material that is timeless in appearance and will last for generations. You can place this high-quality piece with green hues in your home for a touch of Irish charm.
  • Design features the Irish shamrock, placed in the center, as well as in each corner of the stained glass. This traditional element is usually associated with Saint Patrick, representing the Holy Trinity.The intricate details of the design would be highlighted by the natural light that would filter through the glass, casting colorful patterns on nearby surfaces. 
  • The shamrocks are adorned with Celtic trinity knots. This beautiful knotwork, created from three intertwining loops, represents the connectivity of natural elements in life. The triquetra symbolizes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or the body, mind, and soul.
  • Measuring 6.3 inches square, this piece can be easily installed by any window to capture light and create stunning visual effects in your home. Make sure you simply dust it and avoid abrasive material on the surface to keep the stained glass in great condition. 
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