Celtic Cape with Cowl Neck

Celtic Cape with Cowl Neck

Celtic Cape with Cowl Neck
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Gorgeously soft merino wool poncho

Delicate aran stitched with choice of beautiful colors

Popular customer favorite for all seasons

Product Details

  • The 100% Merino Wool found in this poncho guarantees a quality that comes from the fine hairs of the Merino Sheep.
  • The classic Aran buttons that can be found on the left side of our poncho are both functional and stylish.
  • The honeycomb pattern stands out on this poncho and is complemented by the cord stitches that run parallel to it.
  • Our poncho sports a long fold-over turtleneck, full-length sleeves, and the base of the poncho hits mid-thigh.
  • Coco Chanel revolutionized Merino Wool in the fashion industry, while Clint Eastwood changes the way people view ponchos in fashion.
Ladies the poncho you have been waiting for has arrived. Our poncho is comprised of 100% Merino Wool. Why does that matter you wonder? Well, it all comes down to quality at the end of the day and our poncho screams quality. Some sweaters claim to be Merino wool but are actually blended with other types of wool. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing it does mean you’re missing out on some of the factors that are key benefits to Merino wool.

First, let’s start with what Merino Wool is. Merino Wool comes from the Merino sheep whose ancestors began in Spain. Merino Sheep were prized for the high quality of their wool. Unlike other wool, their hair fibers are so fine they have a softness to them often associated with Merino Wool. Sheep were selected from the royal flock in Spain and were relocated to Australia to be raised. Since then Australia has been one of the leaders in the world of the Merino Wool industry.

But when did Merino Wool become fashion? Coco Chanel really revolutionized Merino Wool in the fashion industry. She created a jersey dress made from Merino Wool, and after that Merino Wool became acceptable to use in fashion. Before then it had more of a utilitarian purpose since it worked well for work wear and military uniforms.

Much like Merino Wool, ponchos weren’t always the high point of fashion. Their purposes were mainly zeroed in on protection and usability, mostly in militaristic sectors. And much like Merino Wool, it took someone with a name for everyone to see that ponchos were a very fashionable item to have. With Clint Eastwood’s western The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly film ponchos took on a new life. They were suddenly cool and people had free reign to be creative with their designs.

Luckily for us, Coco and Clint weren’t afraid to step out of the box and transform something utilitarian into fashion. Thanks to them we are able to have garments like our Ladies Merino Button Poncho. The Patterns on this Aran button poncho are made up of the honeycomb and the cable stitches. The design of these stitches run horizontally, with the honeycomb pattern boldly standing out. Two thick cable stitches also catch the eye with a few smaller cable stitches running parallel to the honeycomb pattern.

Along the left side of the poncho from about mid shoulder down, there are four vintage style Aran buttons that can be found, they allow for the poncho to be connected together. The neckline is in the style of a loose turtleneck with a long folded over edge, creating another dimension on the poncho. The pointed end of the poncho hits about mid-thigh. The full-length sleeves provide extra coverage and bring an extra touch of elegance.

Our Ladies Merino Button Poncho is the type of garment that will last you for years to come. It will easily become one of your most go to clothing items, and you’ll be able to quickly pair it with a multitude of different looks. Layer it with a dress, a skirt, or a pair of jeans. However, you wear it you’ll immensely enjoy the comfort and flexibility of this poncho.
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