Green Ireland Knit Hat

Green Ireland Knit Hat

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Great hat, couldn't be happier! Would recommend.

Product Details

  • The green color and simple shape of our cap make it the perfect choice for a variety of styles and colors.
  • A square-shaped patch with the word Ireland, 1823, and three shamrocks embroidered onto the patch is centered on our hat.
  • The embroidery of the patch’s design is tan thread and brass colored rivets are in each corner of the patch.
  • There are four olive green strips knit into the bottom half of our knit hat beneath the embroidered patch.
  • The 100% acrylic material of our hat and its tightly knit stitches are masters at trapping and retaining heat.

  • Our Green Ireland Knit Hat is a ski-style beanie designed to keep you warm while looking sporty. Traditional Crafts has knit this hat in a dark green, with light green stripes at the base to add interest. An Ireland 1823 patch is the focal point of this cozy winter warmer.

    If you love earth tones then our 1823 knit hat with its moss green color is right up your alley. It is an extremely neutral color that works well with a variety of colors. You can easily pair it with a dark colored coat in a black, navy, or brown. You can even pair it with slightly lighter tones like light colored denim and tan colored coats. The olive tones of our Ireland knit hat make it the perfect choice for any look.

    On the bottom of our 1823 knit hat, four olive toned stripes stand out against the moss green color of our hat. Each stripe is perfectly spaced into the knitting and add brightness and dimension to the hat to our hat. A moss-green patch also brings character to our hat as well. On the patch, the word Ireland is embroidered with an embroidered set of three shamrocks below it. The number 18 is embroidered onto the left side of the shamrocks while the number 23 is on the right side spelling out 1823. Tan thread is stitched in a border around the patch with a rivet in all four corners of the square patch.

    Our 1823 hat is known as a skull cap due to the way that it shapes closely to your head. The style of our hat close fitting but still extremely comfortable due to the stretch in the knit material. That stretch in our knit hat allows it to be one size fits most hat. Unlike slouchy beanies, our 1823 knit hat is not the kind of hat that you roll. The length of our Ireland knit cap is just enough to cover your ears due to its lack of any excess fabric. The snug fit of our skull cap knit hat makes it the perfect solution to the cold weather with its ability to lock in and retain heat. So wear our 1823 knit hat the next time you venture out in the cold for a comfortable and warm cap.
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