Fisherman Knit Poncho

Fisherman Knit Poncho

Fisherman Knit Poncho
Item# SA200
Why We Love This
Made in Ireland by Saol, a modern maker of Irish knitwear with a classic touch

100% Merino wool

One size ensures easy fit for layering

Product Details

Uplift any outfit while staying cozy with our beautiful, one-size-fits-all Fisherman's Knit Poncho. The poncho is finely crafted in Ireland from 100% super soft Merino wool that highlights the detailed Aran knit patterns. This merino poncho is not only incredibly warm and durable but also moisture-wicking and crease-resistant. Featuring traditional cable knits and basketweave patterns, the poncho is indeed a true cultural piece. Authentically created in the Aran Islands, the Aran knitwear was first knitted from unscoured wool by fishermen's wives who relied on the wool's natural oils to repel moisture and humidity to protect their husbands from the harsh Atlantic weather. Besides their great practicality, these pieces of knitwear were traditionally adorned with various stitches. The cable stitch resembles the ropes used by the brave Irish fishermen and represents strength and unity as they had to remain strong in order to safely return home to their families. The basketweave pattern represents a fisherman's basket and is intended to bring good fortune and a large catch. The design also includes a two-button neck closure system for a secure fit. Designed and produced by Aran Wollen Mills in Ireland - one of Ireland's foremost clothing brands. For the best results, hand wash it with mild detergent and lay it flat to dry.
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