Gel Tip Toe Pillows

Gel Tip Toe Pillows

Why We Love This
High-quality and sleek design

Best protection and comfort for Irish dancers

Product Details

  • Our unique and high-quality Gel Tip Toe Pillows Offer protection and comfort for your heels and dance shoes.
  • These unique Get Tip Toe Pillow come in small through to large sizing from small fits 13-13.5 pointed shoes to large fits 3.5 and over pointed shoes.
  • These amazing Get Tip Toe Pillows are 100% authentic Irish products made in Ireland supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gift Company.
  • Our Lamb Curl Toe Pillows with gel tips are specially designed to give you extra protection and comfort to enjoy your heels in any occasion.
  • These Gel Tip Toe Pillows have a Stylish, elegant design for maximum comfort and endurance, you will always feel confident in them.
Thereís no better way of summarizing a great event than with a dance. It doesnít matter if itís prom, Irish dance, your wedding or just a night out in the city. Getting your groove on will get your spirits high throughout the night. However, nothing kills the mood of a dance than having a sore toe while grooving to the beats, something that discourages a lot of people from overindulging during dance festivities, but not anymore. These Lamb Curl Toe Pillows are exactly what you need to protect your toes, and keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout a dance night. Gel Tip Toe Pillows are specially designed to not only offer comfort to the wearer but to protect your toes from sores associated with dancing.

These Gel Tip Toe pillows offer maximum comfort while still letting you look elegant and stylish. While your dance shoes are important when it comes to partying, they are often instruments of torture. Letís face it, the best show-stopping heels are not the most comfortable footwear, and you wouldnít risk dancing for hours wearing them unless of course, you are comfortable nursing sore toes for weeks. Well, donít give up on your heels just yet. These Gel Tip Toe Pillows will find a way to make dancing in heels work for you. These Lamb Curl Toe Pillows are specially designed with a unique gel tip for comfortability and protection. They are also designed to fit most dancing shoes from small 13-13.5-pointed shoes to large fits 3.5 and over shoe fits.

These Gel Tip Toe Pillows are sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gift Company. Keilys is dedicated to selling products and accessories for Irish Dance, as well as fine Irish gifts. They get their authentic Irish products from 100% Irish craft houses such as Antonio Pacelli, Fays, Corrís, Bunheads, and Boyne Walk.
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