Highland Cow Pewter Shot Glass Holder

Highland Cow Pewter Shot Glass Holder

Item# AEW-SHOT08
Why We Love This
- This Scottish shot glass and glass holder is crafted from glass, respectively pewter, a material that ensures durability, longevity, rust resistance and a timeless elegance.

- The centerpiece of this holder is an intricately detailed depiction of a Highland cow, an iconic and beloved Scottish animal.

- Adorned with trinity knots, a symbol of interconnectedness and eternity that adds a touch of Celtic flair to the design.

- With a compact size of 1.57 inches by 2.36 inches, this holder perfectly combines artistic and cultural elements with functionality.

Product Details

Our Highland Cow Shot Glass & Holder encapsulates the essence of Scottish rustic charm and Celtic symbolism. Crafted with precision and care, this piece stands as a testament to both artistic craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Crafted from pewter, a metal known for its rust-resistance and durability, this glass holder is both sophisticated and qualitative. At the heart of the design, a meticulously rendered Highland cow takes center stage. With its long, wavy coat and distinctive horns, the Highland cow is an iconic symbol of Scotland's rugged landscapes.The inclusion of trinity knots in the design further enriches the piece with Celtic significance, embodying themes of unity, eternity, and interconnectedness. This intricate touch pays homage to Scotland's cultural tapestry and its profound ties to the past. Measuring at a modest 1.57 inches by 2.36 inches, the glass holder manages to be both compact and practical. Ideal for those who cherish the Scottish heritage, collectors of finely crafted objects, or anyone seeking a unique and meaningful decorative item, this shot Glass & holder set transcends its functional purpose. A
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