Irish Black Sheep Salt & Pepper Shakers

Irish Black Sheep Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Why We Love This
Irish Shamrock emblem at the backside

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Designed in Black and White

Product Details

  • The ceramic salt and pepper shaker come as a set, so you do not have to purchase separate containers separately.
  • Both sheep has an Irish shamrock emblem at the backside and acting as the tail to create a cultural identity anyone can easily recognize.
  • They are the perfect gifts for families during the Holidays or special occasion to remind them of their national identity and cultural heritage.
  • The salt and pepper shaker is made by trusted Irish gift set manufacturer and comes from the Wacky Woollies Black Sheep Line.
  • Not only beyond the ordinary, but this ceramic set is adorable enough to start a table conversation and keep a gathering alive.
An Irish dining room will not be complete without something that reminds everyone about the grandeur of the Irish countryside. These salt and pepper shakers are exceptional additions to your everyday tableware that might even be the topic of conversation for your guests. They are made from quality ceramic material and blasted at high temperatures to keep them shiny and attractive.

Designed and created from the line of Irish products made by Wacky Woollies Black Sheep Line, the salt shaker is the white sheep with a black face, and the pepper shaker is the black sheep. They are the perfect addition to keep your dinner conversation rolling and attractive enough to get the attention of anyone sitting around the table. What’s utterly Irish about these fascinating salt and pepper set is the shamrock adornment on the backside of both ceramic. They are subtle displays of cultural identity and something that can be considered as an imprint of national identity.

Sheep are a typical scene in the Irish countryside. There’s even a joke running around that sheep outnumber people in the country and people driving say to wake them up when they see any sheep. It can be impossible not to see a flock in almost any place you go to. They can be found in pastures on hills, on the road, and even in open lands where there are grasses.

In many ways, these ceramic salt and pepper shakers embody the totality of the whole nation anyone can identify with. They are the perfect addition to your kitchen and dinnerware and enjoy staring at. With more than one color, you can send them as a family gift or collect them as a set to start your own flock of salt and pepper shakers. They can be used during celebratory moments or adorn your kitchen display cabinet.
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