Ireland Breathable Irish Rugby Shirt Dark Green

Ireland Breathable Irish Rugby Shirt Dark Green

What Customers Are Saying
Very well made shirt and great design! Fits great and feels very comfortable on! Lightweight fabric but still feels very sturdy!

Product Details

  • The breathable rugby shirt has all the available sizes so your whole family can all wear the Irish color together
  • The material is made out of 100% polyester, which means itís very durable and it also dries quickly.
  • Fully hypoallergenic so you can also let your small kids with sensitive skin wear this rugby shirt without worrying about them getting sick
  • The colors get extra treatment so they donít fade over time. You can wear this for a long time and still look like new
  • The material is polyester so itís basically a wash, dry, and go shirt. Itís wrinkle-free so you can stuff it into a suitcase and wear it right after.
Proudly wear the Irish color with this breathable rugby shirt from Irish on Grand. This product from Malham USA is made out of 100% polyester, which makes it very durable. The fibers are stronger than cotton so it doesnít shrink or expand with time. Thatís why itís recommended that you always buy fit to size.

Itís also the reason why the fabric is breathable. Itís the perfect rugby shirt for hot weather. You might be soaking in sweat but you get dry in no time at all. The fabric is also a good insulator for the cold weather so itís really an all-weather shirt.

The breathable rugby shirt from Malham USA is also extremely lightweight. Unlike cotton where the fabric gets heavier when it becomes wet, you wonít feel an extra weight with this product.

The iconic Rugby Shamrock is embroidered on the left chest of the shirt. Meanwhile, the ďLive for RugbyĒ logo is embroidered on the right chest. It also features a placket, which you wonít notice right away because itís tucked away. That gives a cleaner look to the whole shirt.

The breathable rugby shirt is available in sizes Extra Small up to Triple X. So basically thereís a size for the whole family should you all decide to support your favorite team. Meanwhile, the material is perfect to make this an everyday wear. The rugby uniform has crossed over to fashion and people have been wearing them as streetwear. Even GQ ran a whole article giving tips on how to properly wear a rugby shirt as a fashion statement.

So if you are looking for a breathable rugby shirt, this high-quality product from Malham USA is the perfect item for you.
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