Irish Dancing Dress Stretch Bracelet

Irish Dancing Dress Stretch Bracelet

Item# TTB852
What Customers Are Saying
LOVE this bracelet, just what I was looking for for my dancing daughter as a gift. Fits her great and looks fabulous on!

Product Details

  • A repeat pattern of four different Irish dance costume dresses makes up a total of 16 colorful dresses.
  • Each of the four dresses is a unique little piece of art showcasing Irish knotwork and distinctive designs.
  • Our Irish dance bracelet is made from enamel creating the beautiful colors and designs that can be found on the dresses.
  • Completely lead and nickel free so you don’t have to worry about any skin allergies or harmful metals resting on your skin.
  • Stretching elastic bands allow you to easily put on and remove our bracelet and give a snug fit.
We have got the perfect gift for the Irish dance lover in your life. Our Irish dancing dress bracelet makes an adorable addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Elastic material allows our bracelet to be comfortably fit, and easily put on and take it off. You won’t have to worry about clasps coming undone or your bracelet being too big and falling off.

Our Irish dance stretch bracelet is lead and nickel free so you won’t have to worry about any skin allergies flaring up or dangerous metals sitting on your skin. Our bracelets are made from enamel, creating the beautiful colors found on the dresses. The art of enamel goes all the way back to ancient Greece and through time it has become a beloved way to add color to jewelry without relying on gemstones.

Four distinctive Irish dance costume dresses create a repeat pattern all around the bracelet. In total there are 16 dresses that make up the bracelet. The first dress is a red dress with green sleeves and silver colored details. Celtic knotwork runs along the bottom hem of the skirt and detailing runs down the front of the dress. The second dress has blue sleeves with a white and blue patterned skirt. Celtic knotwork can be found on the top of the dress in black and silver colored detail.

The third dress has a purple v-neck top with a belted cinched waist and yellow sleeves. The skirt of the dress is a matching shade of yellow with Celtic triskelions along the base. The fourth and final dress has a black top with silver colored detailing in the shape of a sash. It also has green sleeves and alternating green and white panels on the skirt. All of the dresses are unique little pieces of Irish art and come together to create a great representation of Irish dance.
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