Men's Traditional Irish V Neck Cardigan

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■ Crafted with 100% pure merino wool that has global recognition for its comfort and heat regulating abilities.
■ The sweater is designed with original Aran stitches that is symbolic to their lifestyle at sea and in their farms.
■ Our beautiful cable cardigan is designed with a stylish V-neck so it can be worn with a shirt and tie or under a suit just as easily as over a graphic tee.
■ Made in Ireland, offered by SAOL collections, a renowned supplier of authentic Aran home spun garments and apparel.
■ Available in variable colors and sizes wearers can choose from small to extra-large.


A stunning handsome sweater, this cool Mens Cable V-Neck Cardigan offers a warm essence and is destined to be a cold-weather favorite in your wardrobe. A product of SAOL collection, it is constructed with 100% merino wool and is guaranteed to keep the wearer warm throughout chilly weather. Designed with traditional Aran stitching patterns, it represents the traditional garments that were worn decades ago by the island’s fishermen as they sought for a hefty catch out at sea. It’s the perfect garment to bring out a truly cultured personality with a hint of modern bias. Wrapping yourself snug in this timeless piece of Irish heritage is not only symbolic but also protects you from the elements just like the Aran Island fishermen once did.

Traditionally, Aran sweaters had a crewneck design, however, this particular sweater derives knit patterns that were common of the original Aran sweaters merging them to a distinct modern style, the cardigan. It’s brown button also adds sophistication and class to this timeless piece of Irish heritage. This sweater distinctively references Aran menswear heritage with front pockets.

The Mens Cable V-Neck Cardigan feature the honeycomb, and trellis Aran patterns. These stitches while appealing to the common eye hold deep symbolism to the inhabitants of the remote islands off the West coast of Galway Bay in Ireland. The distinct Aran honeycomb stitch is symbolic of a bee and represents good luck. The Aran trellis stitch on the other hand is symbolic of the stone walls that are iconic of the great Aran island landscape. According to Aran tradition, this sweater was originally woven for fishermen as a protective charm, in their quest out at sea battling the waves of the Atlantic Ocean with the hope that they would safely return back home to their families. To date, communities located at the Aran islands still practice their traditional Irish way of lifestyle, and it is due to this reason that their garments are still prevalent.

The Aran sweaters were first crafted and worn by the inhabitants of the remote Aran Islands in Ireland. Due to their isolated nature, these islands offered little sustenance in the form of fishing and farming for its residents. The residents of these stony rugged islands needed the warmth offered by these traditional sweaters to protect them from the cold Atlantic winds blowing from the west. Their distinct knitting style was developed as a way of offering insulation compared to flat sweaters. Air gets trapped in its raised patterns warming up the body. Since then, these stiches have become exemplary to Aran knitwear garments.

This cool sweater is offered by SAOL collection which is one of the largest selections of authentic traditional Irish knit apparel, home goods as well as accessories. SOAL’s products are inspired by Irish home spun garments. The knit patterns offered by SAOL’s products all date back to the 20th century from the remote islands off the West coast of Galway Bay in Ireland. SAOL collection are devoted to offering 100% authentic Aran products.

The Mens Cable V-Neck Cardigan is a true symbol of Aran culture merged with modern design for the classy yet cultured man. It offers a fresh perspective of true Irish knitwear with roots to Aran traditions. This Cardigan is woven with 100% soft pure merino wool that gives it a stylish and comfortable feel.