Green Ireland Knit Hat With Horns

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■ Made from 100% polyester, our beanie is highly durable and will retain its shape and color for years.
■ Easily cleanable, just throw our knit beanie into the washing machine to remove any dirt or sweat.
■ Two white Viking horns are placed on either side of our Ireland beanie adding to the uniqueness of our beanie.
■ The word Ireland is knit in all capital letters bold and proud across the front of our knit beanie.
■ A shamrock crest embroidered in a white and green thread is placed front and center on our beanie.

Yes, this is the Viking horn beanie of your dreams. Our Ireland beanie is the perfect hat to wear during the holidays, for a party, or just because you have a wackier style. It makes a great gift for that friend who enjoys wearing things that are more so out of the box. But whoever is wearing our Viking horn beanie will love just how fun and unique of a hat it is.

Our Viking horn cap is a knit beanie style of hat, knit with vibrant green yarn. Small rows of stitches are neatly knit together to create a tighter knit that works well to block out the wind. The style of our beanie is a skull cap giving our Viking beanie a closer fit. It covers all of the necessary areas of your head, including your ears. Our Ireland beanie is perfect for people who don’t like slouchy beanies with excess fabric.

Of course, we have to mention the part of our Ireland beanie that truly stands out which are the Viking horns on either side of our beanie. Two white soft fabric horns stand up fiercely on our Viking horn beanie. Like warrior helmets of old the horn on our Ireland beanie project power and strength. Our beanie is the perfect game day hat to wear when you’re passionately supporting your favorite Irish team either in the pub or at the stadium.

Because who else would our Viking beanie be representing but the fierce and fighting country of Ireland? And our hat lets everyone else know just who you support with the word Ireland knit in white yarn. The word is written in all capital letters and spans the entire bottom front section of our beanie. It matches perfectly with the white Viking horns and compliments the bright green color of our beanie.

A shamrock crest stitched down in the center of our beanie is the finishing touch. The crest itself is embroidered with bright white thread, and on the crest is a sprig of shamrocks with three clovers embroidered in green thread. The crest is very neatly embroidered and placed directly above the word Ireland almost like a stamp of approval. The minimalism of our Viking horn beanie allows all of the details that have been incorporated into our beanie to stand out.

Our Viking knit beanie is made from 100% polyester and does an amazing job keeping you warm during the cooler months. Polyester is also a highly durable material that can stand up to the test of time and is highly peel resistant. You can easily wash our beanie in the washing machine without fear of our beanie falling apart or fading in color.

Although the Irish never wore horned Viking helmets into battle their fighting spirit is just as fierce as any Viking warrior. Our Viking horn beanie embodies the powerful energy carried by the country as a whole. With rich colors and loud in your face features our Viking hat’s Irish pride can’t be denied. So get yourself one of our Viking horn beanies and show your Irish pride.