Irish Black/Green Shamrock Knit Hat

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■ Our entire shamrock hat is made from ribbed knit material that is soft to the touch and stretchable.
■ Two different tones share space on our shamrock knit hat with green on the top and black on the bottom.
■ Both the top and bottom of our knit hat are marbled with different shades of green and black.
■ The black fabric of our hat is stitched down to the green fabric creating a false cuff.
■ Three bright green shamrocks stand up tall on the front of our Lansdowne knit hat.

Cozy doesn’t even begin to describe our Lansdowne shamrock knit beanie. You will feel it the moment you put on our knit beanie, the warmth and comfort that comes from a good knit hat. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you not want to take off our shamrock beanie. The most obvious thing to see when you look at our shamrock beanie is that it has two very distinctive colors that stand out.

The top half of our beanie is made out of green yarn while the bottom half is made from black yarn. But the thing that makes the two colors of our shamrock beanie so special is the marble knit coloration they both have. Different shades of light and dark green can be seen working together on the top half of knit hat to create dimension within the color of the hat.

The black bottom half of our knit hat has the same marble effect with different shades of black and dark grey blending. That bottom section of our knit cap appears to be rolled up creating the illusion of a cuff at the base of our hat. But in all actuality the green fabric extends down to the base of our hat and the black cuff is stitched down the green fabric. The knit itself is a ribbed knit that is stitched in a looser fashion making the hat soft and moldable.

Depending on how far down you pull our knit hat over your head you’ll have a bit of excess fabric for a slightly slouchy beanie look. On the front of the black fabric of our knit beanie, the Lansdowne shamrocks stand alone. And on the side of our knit beanie, the number four in Roman Numerals are on a patch with a white background and a green stripe running diagonally through it.