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■ Uses superior patented leather that is soft as butter and durable as steel offers optimum comfort to the dancer’s feet.
■ Extra density on the resin tip produces crisper and louder sound even in a room with bad acoustics.
■ The special insole provides superior cushion while also reducing the chances of developing odor and athlete’s foot.
■ No need to break in the Coor’s Champion Hard Shoe as the dancer can use them immediately without getting blisters.
■ The shoes are made of breathable fabric, which gives welcome relief to tired feet even after performing for a few hours.

The name Corr’s Champion Hard Shoe is parallel with the word excellence. And that’s just what Julian Wild delivered in this new pair for professionals and beginners alike, making it one of the most popular in the hard shoe line by the manufacturer.

The world's first and best split-sole hard shoe: the Corr's 'Champion'™. Don't be fooled by copies! There's only ONE original! And nothing performs like a 'Champion'™!

A Corr's original, the 'Champion' is the culmination of many months of planning, design and testing. Complete with Corr's revolutionary, flexible Super-Shank™ for arch support and fully padded in-sock, the 'Champion' also features another Corr's innovation, the 'Champion Tip'™ that is approx. 1.5 times denser than Corr's other resin tips - producing incredible sound! Other features include latex padding throughout, adjustable straps, heel counter to help protect against blisters, breathable inside lining, and the softest, most flexible, yet durable, leather in the Corr's product range.

The Irish dance was thought to have originated in the 12th Century with the arrivals of the Normans. But it also incorporated a lot of the local culture, particularly the Celtics and the Druids.

Just like the Irish dance, the hard shoe has a long history and has evolved several times. During the 18th and 19th Century, Irish dancers were dancing barefoot. Although it wasn’t clear just when exactly the hard shoes gained popularity, what’s clear is that the materials used then were very hard on the feet.

Imagine wearing thick, hard hide, as well as thick stitches, to make the shoes last as long as possible. Nobody envies the professional performers back then.

However, the technology has grown by leaps and bounds since then. One advantage of Corr’s series of dancing shoes is that they came from the mind of Julian Wild, who was a professional dancer himself for many years. He knew the stress and abuse personally that the dancer’s feet go through with a wrong pair of shoes.

The best compliment dancers can give to a pair of hard shoes is when they can forget about it.

The Champion Hard Shoe is the result of many weeks of intense planning, design, testing, and redesign. The designers make use of the Super-Shank™ technology and Flexi-Shank™, which give the dancers optimum support for the arch, safety and comfort. The split sole technology also helps provide the dancers with a higher arch.

The heels are very flexible because they are manufactured from a resin compound. The best thing is that durability is not compromised by flexibility. It gives the dancers the best of both worlds--they make a good investment because the shoes last a long time and the flexibility eliminates the need to break in the Corr’s Champion Hard Shoe.

The insock is also designed using a special layer of material to prevent fungi from spreading. This will help eliminate odor and ward athlete’s foot. The insole also provides the necessary cushion to help absorb the shock. The tongue also comes with extra padding, while the adjustable buckle will ensure a snug fit.

The tips and the heels come with extra density for a louder sound. However, dancers would be surprised to know that the additional density doesn’t add to the weight of the shoes.

What it does, however, is produce a crisper and sharper report when they tap or click their shoes.

The resin tips are almost two times denser compared to the other hard shoes in the Corr’s line.

The padding around the ankle and the heel counter makes sure that the dancers don’t develop any blister even if they used the shoes for the first time. The lining inside is made of breathable fabric, which would be appreciated by the dancers after a few hours of performing.

Meanwhile, the leather itself deserves to be in the spotlight. The designers hit it out of the ballpark this time. The Corr’s Champion Hard Shoe is soft as velvet; it’s flexible as rubber; and durable as steel --a worthy product to bear the “Champion” name.