Corr's Wild Irish Ghillie

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■  Our Coor’s Wild Irish Ghillie shoes feature a modern design of the shoes which moves away from the traditional center-seam architecture.
■  Utilizes the patented EVA technology for the padding of the shoes for greater impact absorption and extra cushioning.
■  The split design is well-suited to accommodate a variety of foot types compared to the center-seam design.
■  Clean lines make it appear more expensive than it looks. But actually, our Wild Irish Ghillie shoes are more affordable compared to the leading brands.
■  The unique design of the shoes provides ample support for the dancer’s arch. This, in turn, will give them the confidence to do their routines.


The Corr’s Irish Shoes is introducing another product on its line of soft shoes—the Corr’s Wild Irish Ghillie.

This new pair incorporates an entirely new technology for Corr’s, which it calls the EVA. The EVA is a type of padding inside the lining and around the ankles to cut down on blistering.


Don’t let the thin EVA material fool you. It’s not as thin as it looks. Try jumping around, and you will see just how it manages to cushion the impact of your landing. Your feet will appreciate you for buying a pair just for the EVA technology alone.


The EVA will replace the more traditional Poron material used in most padding. However, dancers will immediately notice the difference, especially if they are so used about the Poron utilized in older soft shoes. The Coor’s R&D team should be commended for the way they constructed the material and how it perfectly fits in the Corr’s Wild Irish Ghillie. On the ball of the foot area of the shoe, there’s another layer of neoprene for maximum impact absorption. Neoprene is known as the first rubber that is entirely produced in a laboratory. It’s the same rubber used in wet suits and scuba suits because of its excellent insulation properties. It’s also water resistant, which is great to ward off the sweat on your feet. The rubbing of wet skin against hard leather is what’s causing the blister. For additional protection, the insole is also stitched with a reinforced lining for greater support, stability, and durability.


Irish Dance has two major types of soft shoes and hard shoes, although the rhythm varies from Jig, Hornpipe, and Reel. When you are talking of soft shoes, it’s basically referring to the Hop Jig or Single Jig, the Slip Jig, Light Jig, and the Reel.

All sexes can perform these dances except the Slip Jig, which is often known in other countries as the Irish Ballet.


In terms of support, the Corr’s Wild Irish Ghillie takes after the Corr’s Champion in such a way that it supports the dancer’s arch. The design of this new pair of shoes is also quite a departure from the traditional center-seam. The split-design is better suited for different types of feet as it offers enhanced support as you do your arches.


You can arch as high as you want and realize that there’s going to be no extra seam and creases because of the excess leather. This only means that the shoes are going to be a perfect fit for your feet. Just like the Champion, the Corr’s Wild Irish Ghillie uses the same quality leather, which is already known in the industry for its suppleness and toughness.


Of course, when you buy a pair of the Wild Irish Ghillie, you have peace of mind because it comes with the Corr’s brand guarantee. You know that only quality materials are used and the designers have a long experience in the industry to deliver.