James Roy Scottish Highland Ghillie with Red Stitching

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■ Highland Ghillie blending the rich history of Highland dance with contemporary flair
■ Soft and durable leather providing a beautiful arch and allows for expressive movement
■ Fully-padded in-sock and extra ball-of-foot padding for safety during dance routines
■ A perfect gift –traditional ghillies with red stitching for a modern and elegant look 

Embrace the spirit of the Highland or Irish dances with this James Roy Scottish Highland Ghillie with Red Stitching!


This meticulously crafted shoe seamlessly blends traditional and modern styles. The timeless design of these classic ghillies is elevated with a vibrant splash of color through the red stitching. Constructed from soft and durable leather, the upper gracefully contours to your foot, allowing for a beautifully accentuated arch. Our James Roy Ghillie prioritizes safety and comfort are paramount for the Highland dancer. A fully-padded in-sock and additional padding under the ball of the foot work together to absorb impact shock, minimizing the risk of injury during vigorous routines.


This thoughtful design caters to both beginners and advanced dancers alike, with two-width options ensuring a perfect fit. Step onto the stage with confidence and a touch of modern elegance, ready to showcase your dance prowess.