Antonio Pacelli® Irish Dance Ankle Length Poodle Socks

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■  Ankle Length: dancers who prefer minimal coverage when it comes to their socks will appreciate the fresh ankle length design of these socks. Four ribs shorter than the championship-length socks, these ankle length socks are perfect for showing off toned dancer’s legs!
■ Nylon/Cotton Blend: these socks are composed of a fabric blend that is 20% nylon and 80% thick-knit cotton. This fine blend delivers rich softness and wicks moisture away from the skin for comfortable breathability.
■ Poodle Leg: though designed with a short ankle-length, these socks feature a classic poodle leg. The leg’s textured pattern is full of dimension and edge that will catch any eye!
■ White Color: this sock comes in white, a clean, bright color that is simple yet versatile. It can be worn with Irish dance shoes and ensembles of various colors!
■ Five Size Choices: these Ankle Length socks come in five different sizes: X-Petite, Petite, Small, Medium, and Large. With five size options, these socks can accommodate a vast range of foot sizes for both men and women!
Petite - Size 8-10.5, Small - Size 11-1.5, Medium - Size 2-4.5, Large - Size 5+. Irish Shoe sizes.


Show off some edgier style at your next Irish dance concert with these Ankle Length Poodle Socks! These socks will make you a real dance stand out, as they come in a short ankle length design that is four ribs shorter than the championship-length socks. This eye-catching design is not only modern but is also perfect for dancers who want to show off more of their fit legs! Though sleek in size and design, these socks still beam in white, a bright color that will match with Irish dance outfits and shoes of any color. These socks will also have your feet feeling amazing, as they are made of a fabric blend that is 20% nylon and 80% thick-knit cotton. Both nylon and cotton deliver quality softness, and the cotton also provides breathability by wicking moisture away from the skin, which is important for long days of performances and rehearsals. Finished off with a classic poodle leg that shows off lovely texture and dimension, these socks are available in five sizes: X-Petite, Petite, Small, Medium, and Large. These five size options are excellent for fitting both men and women dancers of various foot sizes. Make your Irish dance look unique with these stylish Ankle Length Poodle Socks!