Hullachan® Pro H4 Irish Dance Pumps

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■ Our Hullachan Pro 4 includes the never-before-seen the elasticated arch enhancer feature that provides support for a superb arch profile.
■ It uses a high heel seat that allows the pumps to fit like a glove around the dancer’s heels securely.
■ Smart technology insoles, which are a huge improvement compared to those currently available in the market, are fitted in our Hullachan Pro 4.
■ This latest addition to the Hullachan range is designed with softer leather that delivers a secure fit around every user’s heels.
■ The front of our Hullachan Pro 4 doesn’t have any seams to prevent any friction damage in the toe area.

Hullachan Pro 4 (H4) is the latest addition to the Hullachan shoe range for Irish dancing by Antonio Pacelli. These Irish dance shoes include some enhancements as well as pre-existing features from its predecessor Hullachan Pro 3 (H3).

The design team responsible for this Irish dance pump has created a revolutionary way to provide dancers with the support required for their arches. Hullachan Pro 4 boasts its elasticated arch enhancer located at three key points of the pump.

This arch enhancer pulls the shoes securely and neatly around the foot of the dancer to ensure that it won’t slip during any performances. Users will get to move with ease and confidence as every jump, step, and hop can be performed beautifully, supported by the elasticated arch enhancer.

But perhaps the best part of this feature is that it allows and ensures dancers to create a superb arch profile. Even after months of wearing Hullachan Pro 4, dancers will still be able to deliver a fantastic arch profile. As a lot of Irish dancers are aware, some dancing shoes will only look amazing the first few times that it is worn. After a few performances, the arch of would often start to drop, resulting in flat-footed looking dance shoes. Fortunately, the arch enhancer added to the Hulluchan Pro 4 will work time and again for the best look. Much like the Hullachan Pro 3, this latest Irish dance pump has the same higher heel seat to provide a secure fit. It also uses the same smart technology insoles made from a combination of various materials to cushion and protect the joints and feet of each dancer.

Compared to the insoles currently available in the market, these insoles are a huge improvement. The insoles of these pumps are covered with a Camberelle lining which reduces the risk of the Poron foam from tearing or cracking in the long run.

Hullachan Pro 4 is created with the same quality of leather used in Hullachan Pro 3. Compared to the first two shoes in the Hullachan range, this is much softer. Aside from that, this leather allows for a slight stretch which delivers an improved fit. Even with multiple wears, users will certainly not encounter any problems with overstretching. Perhaps another key feature that would make users extremely happy with Hullachan Pro 4 is the seam-free front. Gone are the days where they will suffer from blisters or sores caused by the friction from these seams. With these Irish dance pumps, every user will be able to perform step dances, set dances, or even céilí dances comfortably and elegantly.

One of the key factors for a great Irish dance is pumps that are durable, comfortable, and fit the dancer’s feet perfectly. To have the perfect fit, the manufacturer advised that dancers measure the length of their feet accurately before making a purchase. Beginners are advised to choose pumps which are half a size larger than their measurement. Meanwhile, open dancers are advised to pick a smaller size.