Rutherford® Hard Shoe Flexi Black Suede Sound Blaster Tip

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■ A flexible sole made of suede allows you to fully flex your feet so that you can toe step with ease.
■ Straight down tapered Sound Blaster heels ensure you get the loudest, purest click possible when stepping, made of fiberglass.
■ The Sound Blaster tips are made of a micro sand mixture and are proven to make the loudest clicks possible.
■ Soft leather uppers and a strap hug your feet keeping your shoes in place no matter how vigorously you step.
■ A padded heel at the back of the shoes protects your heels from unwanted blisters and damage that occurs from rubbing.
■ PLEASE NOTE: The narrow width option for this shoe is only available in sizes UK 11 (Children) – UK 8.5 (Adult).
■ Additionally, the wide width option is only available in sizes UK 11 (Children) – UK 9.5 (Adult).

Our Rutherford Super Flexi black suede sole jig shoes are exactly what any dedicated Irish jig dancer needs. Made by the reputable Rutherford Irish shoe company our jig shoes have a flawless design that ensures that you hit every step of your choreography. These shoes have a flexible sole made of black suede. What difference does this make you ask? Well, the flexibility of the soles makes it so that you can almost fully flex your feet, allowing you to easily get up on your toes. This makes them excellent for toe walking. The flexibility of the sole also reduces the amount of time you need to break in your shoes, so you can get right to stepping.

Another bonus of our jig shoes is the Sound Blaster heels. As opposed to an inwardly tapered heel found on many jig shoes, ours have a straight down edge. Where a tapered heel hinders your clicks, making them a hit and miss situation, straight down edges ensure every click counts. The Rutherford Hytech heels are renowned for their sound. They are known in the community to have the loudest, purest clicks of any dance heel. Their heel is so great that they have been completely sanctioned by the governing bodies of Irish dance for both competition and non-competition. And where some heels will fall off and fail you, possibly resulting in injury, Rutherford heels are bolted on in three different places. Add in that the heels of our jig shoes are made entirely of fiberglass and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with.

The Sound Blaster tips, nicknamed Sound Blaster due to being specially made of a micro sand mixture. The Rutherford jig shoe tips also make the loudest clicks that can be made. In addition, these sand glass tips give our jig shoes have a nice level of traction, so while you’re clicking across the floor you’ll be able to glide without slipping. Soft leather uppers hug your feet and a strap secures the shoes to your feet. On the back of the shoe, a padded heel can be found providing comfort to the backs of your feet. This also helps to protect your heels from rubbing up against a hardback, which reduces the possibility of blisters.

Our black suede jig shoes will allow you to comfortably complete a classic Irish jig. Which began was introduced to the Irish in the 19th century. The jig was first danced in England in the 16th century. This was during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who’s court is well known for the arts. Namely, Shakespeare is the most associated with Queen Elizabeth I reign. But it turns out the jig was also a major player in her court. It was also highly popular in the court of King Louis XIV.

In fact, William Kempe, a comedic actor was one of the most memorable jig dancers. He stared in early Shakespeare plays and made a name for himself through his comedy. But he also made a name for himself for how well he was able to dance the jig. He’s most known for dancing the jig from Norwich to London. Some of the jigs he performed in his life are still famous today. After being born in England, dance masters were paid to teach it to the Irish community.

And ever since it was first taught the Irish people in the 19th century they have adopted the dance and made it into their own. It’s a dance that has managed to stand the test of time and make it into the leagues of the Irish dance competition. And just like the jig itself, our Rutherford black suede sole jig shoes will also stand the test of time.