Inishfree Jig Shoe Fiberglass Heels Beginners Shoes

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■ Ideal for beginners to intermediate dancers, our Rutherford Inishfree unites quality with affordability.
■ The supportive leather sole of our Rutherford Inishfree gives comfort and support to newbies and to dancers who still require some extra foothold.
■ Our Rutherford Inishfree is crafted with Rutherford fiberglass tips that are long-lasting and tough.
■ The fiberglass heels of our Rutherford Inishfree deliver refined heel clicks with a decent sound.
■ The shock-absorbing insoles of our Rutherford Inishfree maintain ample protection with generous doses of freedom while dancing.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate dancers, we present the Rutherford Inishfree jig shoe. The Rutherford Inishfree contains a full leather sole that provides extra support and comfort to new dancers and to dancers who still require added support. The sole is ideal for beginners as it retains some stiffness, which is essential for newbies and dancers who are still in their learning curve. The sole of the Rutherford Inishfree breaks as you dance, and over time, the sole becomes more flexible as it breaks more and more. This provides an ample groundwork to dancers who are still learning and perfecting the basics. However, when the Rutherford Inishfree completes the breaking-in period, you will end up with a supremely comfortable jig shoe with a sole that is both supportive and soft.

The tips of the Rutherford Inishfree are fiberglass tips which are both durable and long-lasting. They provide ample support at the toes and give enough liberty to learn new maneuvers. Ideal for beginners, the heels of the Rutherford Inishfree are constructed to be novice-friendly in such a way that they back up the dancers and give them the freedom to move around effortlessly. The tips are long-lasting and compliment the comfort of Rutherford Inishfree with extreme durability and toughness.

The heels of the Rutherford Inishfree are also fiberglass tips that produce a decent sound and give refined heel clicks, which are perfect for someone who is just starting or still has a long road to mastery. The heels bring an amalgam of elegance and charm to the Rutherford Inishfree and add to its exquisiteness. The Rutherford Inishfree also comes with high-quality leather uppers that bring a certain level of coziness and luxury to the shoe, making it a high-quality product at a reasonable price – the best of both worlds. The Rutherford Inishfree is also accompanied by a highly adjustable ankle strap that makes it easy to wear the shoe and to quickly switch between shoes if required. Dancers who are more inclined toward quickly putting on their jig shoes and running-off into the dance floor may find the Rutherford Inishfree alluring.

What’s more, is that the Rutherford Inishfree comes with shock-absorbing insoles that protect the feet all the way from the toes to the Achilles tendon. This makes the Rutherford Inishfree a good choice for dancers who are injury-prone and want protection from injuries at a pocket-friendly price. The shock-absorbing qualities of the Rutherford Inishfree combine quality with affordability and allow new dancers to experiment with the craft without being concerned about the cost. This freedom of choosing a good-quality shoe at a modest budget makes the Rutherford Inishfree the best bang for your bucks.