Rutherford ® Ghillies Tan Leather Sole

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■  The Ghillies Leather Bottom features the durability and toughness that the Rutherford Products company has come to be known.
■  Because a pair of Rutherford Ghillies Leather Bottom shoes will last a long time, customers get the best value for their money.
■  The reinforced sole doesn’t sacrifice the flexibility of the shoes. The added support gives the dancers the extra confidence to do complex routines.
■  The padding in the insole is quite remarkable since it’s comfortable like a pair of tennis shoes but great for impact.
■  The side loops guarantee an even more snug fit, especially since these shoes are on the tighter side.


The Ghillies Leather Bottom from Rutherford Products is designed for longevity and with comfort in mind. The sole in this pair is reinforced to ensure that it will absorb most of the abuse and still performs beautifully. Meanwhile, the extra insole padding means better cushion. Whether you are still a beginner, intermediate, or a professional, Rutherford Products has the right pair of shoes to do your craft.


The padding around the ankles will also help the dancer avoid blisters. There’s nothing worse than being sidelined because of a nasty blister. Some dancers fight through the pain, but they are not really comfortable, and it will show in their performance.

Although for some people it’s not such a big deal, which makes this pair of Rutherford Ghillies very attractive is the traditional style and design.


The Irish Dance has a long tradition, and it’s very much part of the culture of a proud people. Even if its origins have been lost to the dustbins of history, people are still paying homage by keeping with the customs associated with the dance.

But here’s where tradition meets technology.


With the Rutherford Products Ghillies Leather Bottom, you get all the benefits of months and months of conceptualizing, designing, and testing the shoes to ensure that they perform as advertised. Don’t let the traditional look fool you. This pair is designed to meet the demands of Irish dancers. If they were still performing today, the older dancers who paved the way for the younger generation to continue on the tradition will surely appreciate the comfort, support, and durability of these shoes. When you buy a pair of Ghillies Leather Bottom, it’s best to order just the right fit because the leather, once it breathes, will expand over time. But don’t worry, pretty soon, your feet and the shoes will meld as one—like a perfect marriage.


The most important tip for beginners is that they need to find a pair of soft shoes with just the right fit. Some parents buy shoes a half size bigger or even one size bigger to save money, especially if their children are still growing. But this is misplaced thriftiness because they are making their children vulnerable to injuries.


On the technical side, if the shoes don’t fit perfectly, the dancer will not create a perfect arch because the ghillie will not curve along with your foot. As a result, your arch won’t be seen by the audience because it’s inside the shoe. Besides which, shoes are not meant to last long as professional dancers typically replace their pair every four to five months now, unlike before when Ghillies will last for nine months to a year.

The leather used in the shoes is supple yet tough. It’s not paper-thin, so you can perform the intricate footwork without worrying that the shoes will fail or embarrass you on the stage.


In fact, for $50.00, you are actually getting a bargain when you buy the Rutherford Products Ghillies Leather Bottom.