Colm de Ris Handmade Irish Pottery Mug

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■ Irish mug handcrafted on a potter's wheel and uniquely glazed by hand
■ Adorned with a traditional triskelion design, adding a touch of Celtic heritage and symbolism
■ Measures 3.14 inches tall and 3.93 inches wide, perfect for enjoying all your favorite drinks
■ Ideal for gifting to those who appreciate authentic Irish pottery and artistry


Each Colm de Ris Handmade Irish Pottery Mug is meticulously hand thrown on a potter's wheel, ensuring durability and resistance to pressure, and adorned with a glazed finish guaranteeing that no two pieces are identical. The triskelion design gracing its surface pays homage to Celtic heritage, symbolizing unity and eternal life. Tones of blue, green, and copper, reminiscent of Ireland's rugged coastlines, infuse every inch with the landscapes of the Emerald Isle, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Standing at 3.14 inches tall and 3.93 inches wide, this Celtic mug is the perfect vessel for savoring your favorite beverages, be it a steaming cup of morning coffee or a soothing herbal tea in the evening. Its impeccable craftsmanship and symbolic significance make it an ideal gift for those who cherish authentic Irish pottery and appreciate the artistry behind each handmade piece. Treat yourself or a loved one to the timeless allure of Celtic tradition with this exquisite mug.