Irish Pottery Handcrafted Curved Mug

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■ Made of 100% Fine Ceramic, our Irish Mug is heat and scratch-resistant, as well as very durable.

■ This Irish Mug features the Triskele Medallion motif, a symbol representing infinity and the reverence the Celts had for the number three.

■ Our mug measures 4.5 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width, the ideal size for your companion in the mornings and evenings.

■ Handmade in Ireland, this mug makes for a wonderful Irish gift due to its traditional Celtic motif and vibrant colors.


Add a touch of Irish tradition to your morning coffee with our Irish Pottery Handcrafted Curved Mug. Crafted of 100% Fine Ceramic, this Irish Mug is resistant to scratches and heat, and incredibly durable. The center of our mug shows off the Triskele Medallion, a revered Celtic symbol. The Triskele symbolizes infinity and the idea of connection. The number three held special symbolism for the Celts, as they believed that many aspects of life were separated into three realms - the physical, spiritual, and mental worlds. The number three also represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The curved handle makes the mug easy to hold and adds another charming element to the overall design. Our Irish Mug measures 4.5” in height and 4.5” in width, the ideal size for you to enjoy your favorite beverage. Enjoy a taste of Ireland with our Irish Pottery Handcrafted Curved Mug, the best way to invigorate your morning coffee or evening tea.