Irish Blessing & Emblems of Ireland Tea Towels

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■ Set of 2 tea towels that combine functionality with design
■ 100% cotton, very absorbent and easy to take care of (machine washable)
■ Exquisite Irish designs: Irish Blessing and Irish emblems
■ Convenient Size: 75 cm H x 50 cm W
■ Made in Ireland, by Royal Tara - leading manufacturer of giftware & souvenirs

A must-have in any kitchen set, our Irish Blessing & Emblems of Ireland tea Towels set combines functionality with style and heritage. Our set is made in Ireland, by Royal Tara, a leading manufacturer, widely known for the quality and style of its products. The set contains two kitchen towels, each with a unique design. Each towel has the sizes: 75 cm in height and 50 cm in width. They are made of 100% cotton, being very soft to touch and absorbent, perfect for any day to day kitchen use. It is very easy to take care of our towels, as they are machine washable. Cotton holds dye very well, meaning that the towels will look brand new even after years of usage. Our kitchen textiles are projected in two different designs, both of them created around Irish heritage, in an authentic manner. One design portrays an Irish Blessing, which is a prayer transmitted from Celtic traditions, more exactly Celtic monks. Irish Blessings are many and various, but this particular one is one of the most popular and loved, sending wishes of good fortune and fulfillment. The other design incorporates Irish emblems of four kinds: Celtic cross, lucky shamrock, Claddagh ring and the Irish harp.