Scottish Breakfast - Highland Cow Tin 50 Tea Bags

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■ Our Scottish breakfast tea provides a robust taste and smooth finish

■ The tea is stored in a high-quality metallic jar that keeps it fresh

■ Designed with a Highland Cow design, the jar can be reused as a Scottish souvenir

■ The jar is filled with 50 bags of tea, having a gross weight of 10.40 oz, ideal for multiple servings


Immerse yourself in our premium Scottish breakfast tea. This Scottish breakfast tea is a fresh, robust brew with a strong, smooth finish that is sure to impress. The package has 50 bags, providing multiple servings.

The tea bags are stored in a metal container that can be reused for future tea storage or kept as a Scottish keepsake. The metallic jar prevents the tea from degrading, allowing it to remain fresh and qualitative for a longer period of time. The tin is decorated with a Highland Cow on a field of thistles, reminiscent of Scotland’s wild landscapes.

The Highland cow is a cattle species that can be found only in the Highlands of Scotland, being praised for its wooly and adorable appearance and friendliness. The thistle is a symbol of resilience and strength, being correlated with stories of Scottish bravery. The jar also features a charming lid that adds a sense of uniqueness to the rest of the design.

This Scottish breakfast tea will bring a piece of Scotland into your home. It would also make a great gift for your tea-lover friend.