Scottish Highland Cow Mug and Breakfast Tea Set

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■ The set offers a delightful Scottish tea and a mug providing a genuine taste of Scotland.

■ The mug is made of bone china, and the tea is packaged in a tin, ensuring freshness and style.

■ The mug is adorned with a cute Scottish Highland cow illustration and the tea packaging features intricate Celtic knots

■ Mug has a capacity of 13 fl oz (384 ml) and the set includes 50 individual tea bags, offering plenty of tea for multiple servings.


The Scottish Set presents a captivating and authentic Scottish experience, combining the flavors of Scottish tea with the charm of a Scottish mug. The mug showcases an exquisite Highland cow design that captures the essence of Scotland's natural beauty. Its elegant appearance is matched by its functionality, as bone china provides a lightweight yet durable material that retains heat, making it the ideal vessel for savoring a hot cup of tea or coffee. Packaged in a tin adorned with intricate Celtic knots, the breakfast Scottish tea adds a touch of Scottish heritage to the set. The tin's design is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Scotland, embodying the timeless beauty and symbolism of Scottish traditions. Inside the tin, 50 individual tea bags await(Net Weight: 4.40oz/125g, Gross Weight: 8.80oz/295g), each containing robust and invigorating breakfast Scottish tea flavors. With its full-bodied taste and energizing qualities, this tea is the perfect companion for starting the day on a high note.