Royal Tara Tea Towel Emblems of Ireland

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■ Towel Size: 75 cm H x 50 cm W
■ 100% fine cotton, very soft to touch and absorbent, perfect for use in the kitchen
■ Made in Ireland, by Royal Tara - leading manufacturer of Irish giftware and souvenir
■ Authentic Irish design - four emblems of Ireland: Celtic Cross, Shamrock, Claddagh Ring & Harp

A lovely combination of functionality, style and cherishing heritage, our Royal Tara Towel Emblems of Ireland is a must have in your kitchen! Royal Tara is a leading manufacturer of giftware and souvenirs, well known for the quality and style of its products, based in Ireland. Made of top quality cotton, our towel is a piece that will last a lifetime! Very soft and absorbent, it is ideal to be used for daily needs in the kitchen. Cotton holds dye very well, which is why your towel will serve you for a long time! The sizes of the towel are: 75 cm in height and 50 cm in width. Besides being a helpful cooking companion, our towel has a charming design as well. It encapsulates Irish heritage in an authentic manner, through representing various emblems of culture. The Irish Cross is a symbol for Christianity, brought in Ireland by Saint Patrick. Used to explain the Holy Trinity, the shamrock is a beloved symbol of Ireland and believed to bring luck to its owner. The Claddagh ring combines two hands, a heart and a crown and carries symbolistic of friendship, love and loyalty. The harp was used by the country men of old Ireland to sing, share news and tell stories. All of these elements are combined in a superb Irish design, completed by a combination of green, gold and blue for the detailing.