Welsh Daffodil Teabag Holder and Mug

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■ Made from 100% bone china, the mug and tea bag holder boast durability, resistance, and a timeless elegance

■ The design of this set puts the Welsh Daffodil at its core, adorned by Celtic knots and swirls, symbolizing interconnectedness

■ The mug has a generous capacity of 13 fluid oz, while the teabag holder measures 3.3 x 5", perfect to protect surfaces from leaks

■ This set of mug and tea bag holder makes a unique Welsh gift, which will impress any tea lover or Welsh culture enthusiast


Elevate your tea-drinking experience with our enchanting Daffodil Tea Bag Holder and Mug set, a blend of Welsh culture and exquisite craftsmanship. Crafted from 100% bone china, the items in this set boast a timeless beauty as well as durability and resistance, ensuring you will enjoy them for years to come. The centerpiece of this design is the Daffodil, Wales' cherished national flower. Traditionally worn on Saint David's Day, it holds profound significance, symbolizing the arrival of spring. Embracing Welsh pride, the Daffodil takes center stage on both the teabag holder and the mug, and is complemented by intricate Celtic knots and swirls which represent interconnectedness and the eternal nature of life. Painted in a vibrant color palette, this set becomes a captivating masterpiece, embodying the essence of Welsh culture. The mug offers a generous capacity, holding up to 13 fluid ounces of your favorite brew, while the sturdy handle ensures comfort and convenience in every sip. The teabag holder, sized at 3.5 x 5 inches, will keep your surfaces protected from leaks and avoid mess. Whether for yourself or a dear one, our Daffodil Tea Bag Holder and Mug set makes an exceptional gift that embraces the spirit of the Daffodil, sure to impress any tea enthusiast or a lover of Welsh heritage.