Royal Tara Welsh Tea Set

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■ Set includes: The Welsh Brew Tea Tin with 50 bags of loose leaf tea and The Welsh Brew Loose Leaf Tea Tin - 40 grams of pure tea leaves, packed in durable metal tins
■ Celtic-Inspired design
■ Serving recommendation: put one tea bag/spoonful per person in a teapot, let it brew with fresh boiling water for approximately 3-4 minutes


The Royal Tara Welsh Tea Set is the perfect way to taste the best brew from this wonderful country. The blend of strong signature flavors, hand-blended and natural, makes for an unique tea experience. The set includes the following: The Welsh Brew Tea tin, filled with 50 tea bags of hand-blended loose leaf tea offering a rich and unmistakable flavor. The Welsh Brew Loose Leaf Tea tin, with a net weight of 40 grams of pure tea leaves.

In a teapot of boiling water, place one tea bag/spoonful in a teapot and let it brew for approximately three of four 4 minutes for the perfect cuppa. The beautiful design of the metal tins perfectly combines Welsh cultural elements with the vivid shades of yellow, blue, green Celtic knots and the specific red shade of the Welsh dragon. Sit back, relax and enjoy your cup of tea!