Royal Tara Welsh Daffodil Tea Set

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■ Set of 3 products: 1 pack of 50 tea bags, 1 tea bag holder, and 1 mug
■ Mug and tea bag holder made of 100% premium bone china for durability, tea bag packaging made of qualitative metal for preserving taste and smell
■ Designed focused on Wales’ national flower, the Daffodil, showcasing culture in an authentic manner


Get into the Welsh spirit and serve a cup of hot tea with our Royal Tara Welsh Daffodil Tea Set! The set contains 1 pack of 50 tea bags, 1 mug, and 1 teapot-shaped tea bag holder. Both the mug and the tea bag holder are made of 100% bone china, a luxurious form of porcelain that has high mechanical and physical strength resistance - it prevents easy breaking and chipping. The teabags are stored in a reusable tin, made of high-quality metal that will preserve the taste and smell of the tea blend over years. The high-quality tea blend must be infused in hot water for 3-4 minutes before you can enjoy its rich, strong, and refreshing taste. The design draws its inspiration from Welsh culture. As its centerpiece, the illustration focuses on the daffodil, the national flower of Wales, traditionally worn on Saint David’s day. Other elements of Celtic heritage are included, such as Celtic knots, symbolizing the Holy Trinity and the Christian faith as a whole. Serving tea is a signature element of the culture of every Celtic descendant nation. The exact reason why this set is the perfect gift from Wales!