Celtic Stained Glass Window (Vertical or Horizontal)

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■ A rustic and antique-like piece of art that you can proudly display in your home for everyone to see.
■ Bold lines and muted colors in cool tones create an eye-catching piece of glasswork, comprised of multiple sheets of glass.
■ You can hang our stained glass window panel either vertically or horizontally depending on your window size and preference.
■ A rounded Celtic knot with an Anam Cara knot at the center of it sits in the middle of our panel.
■ On either end of our stained glass panel a large trinity knot can be found with its top point directed inside.

Our Celtic stained glass windows have an antiqued charm to them and this particular stained glass window perfectly captures the beauty of Celtic artwork. A border of dark blue and green stained glass frames our rectangular stained glass panel. The colors of the blue and green fade into one another with shades of yellow shining through as well. At each end of our rectangular stained glass panel sit large trinity knots with their top ends pointing inward. The trinity knots are created using pale blue stained glass, and gold stained glass fills the empty spaces of the trinity knots.

Red circular pieces of stained glass add pops of color to the muted tones of our window panel, along with various sheets of pale yellow glass that fills the interior of our panel. Placed at the center of the window panel is a large Celtic knot in varying shades of light and dark blue. The Celtic knot has four loops creating a continuous circle. Proudly displayed in the center of the blue stained glass Celtic knot is a large Anam Cara knot or Celtic love knot in clear glass. There is yellow stained glass fills in the gaps of the Anam Cara knot allowing the clear glass to stand out.

Our Celtic stained glass window panel has a very rustic charm to it. With colors that fade in and out, along with muted cool tones, it gives a very antiqued vibe. It’s bold patterns and Celtic knotwork is very eye-catching and the pops of red throughout the panel adds an extra layer of dimension to our piece. It’s a wonderful display of Irish craftsmanship and Celtic knotwork. Our window panel measures in at 24.5”x11”, making it a pretty sizable piece of glass. Hang our Celtic stained glass window panel either vertically or horizontally in any window in your home and enjoy your beautiful new decor.