Nickel Irish Tin Whistle Set of 2 Key "D" and "C"

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■ This set offers two meticulously crafted whistles, one in the Key of D and another in the Key of C, both sporting a nickel finish that exudes elegance
■ The D whistle features a robust and rounded tone, achieved through a heavier barrel design, while the C whistle boasts exceptional precision and clarity
■ This comprehensive set comes with a fingering chart for ease of learning, accompanied by an informative tutor book
■ These whistles showcase the artistry and musical heritage of Ireland, making them a perfect choice for beginners and experienced musicians alike


Journey through Irish musical heritage with our Set of 2 Whistle Nickel Key "D" and "C". Crafted with precision, this collection presents two exquisite whistles, each delivering its unique charm. The D whistle, characterized by its rounded and robust tone, owes its musical richness to a meticulously designed heavier barrel. On the other hand, the Key of C whistle offers remarkable clarity and precision, enhanced by its elegant nickel finish. You can dive in with confidence, as this comprehensive set includes a fingering chart for easy learning, accompanied by an informative tutor book. These whistles are more than just instruments; they represent a legacy of Irish artistry and musical tradition. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, this set promises to be your companion for years to come.