Silver Tone Bracelet With Connemara Marble Beads

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■  Crafted in Ireland with attention to detail of pewter, boasting silver plating for durability
■  Irish bracelet adorned with genuine Connemara marble beads, showcasing unique green hues
■  Features intricate Celtic knotwork that adds rich cultural symbolism
■  Versatile dimensions of 6.75 inches, accommodating wrists of all sizes

Crafted with meticulous attention, our brass Celtic bracelet showcases silver plating for enduring beauty and resistance to tarnishing. Paired with genuine Connemara marble beads, each piece reflects the rare stone's green hues, evoking Ireland's mystical landscapes and tranquility.


Embrace the profound symbolism woven into its design - Celtic knotwork symbolizes eternal love and the cycle of life, complemented by Connemara marble, embodying Ireland's rich heritage. Its versatile 6.75-inch length ensures a comfortable fit for all wrists, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. It's in this slick jewelry box that elevates the whole gifting experience.


Whether you're splurging on yourself or someone you love, every step, from opening the box to putting on the bracelet, is like a little celebration of how awesome it is. Treat yourself or someone special to this Silver Tone Bracelet With Connemara Marble Beads, and make those moments count!