Chalice Well Earrings

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■ Drop earrings crafted with care from the finest .925 sterling silver

■ Features a Chalice Well design that represents spirituality and healing

■ The earrings measure 1.22" in height and come in a presentation box

■ These earrings are a nice Irish gift idea for any elegant and spiritual lady


Celebrate your spiritual side with our stunning Chalice Well Earrings. These unique earrings are crafted from sterling silver, which is a precious metal that is renowned for its strength and durability. Sterling silver also has a captivating shine that complements the beautiful design. The earrings feature an intricate Chalice Well design that represents peace, spirituality, and healing. In Christianity, the Chalice Well is believed to be the location where Joseph placed the chalice that collected the drops of Christ's blood during his Crucifixion. It is believed that the Chalice Well is connected to the Holy Grail. In pagan mythology, the Chalice Well is associated with divine feminine power. In Welsh and Irish mythology, the Chalice Well represents a passage to the realm of spirits, embodied by the intricate design of its cover. The meaningful and elegant design makes this pair of earrings an excellent gift for a lady who appreciates style and spirituality!