Mythical Raven Sterling Silver Pendant

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■  This exquisite pendant is masterfully constructed of the finest sterling silver

■  The pendant is shaped like a Mythical Raven, a Celtic symbol of transformation

■  Carefully embellished with black crystals, adding to its mysterious allure

■  The pendant is 1.53’’ in width & 1.77’’ in height and comes with an 18’’ chain


Inspired by the mysterious allure of the Mythical Celtic Raven, this pendant is a culturally-significant piece of jewelry that is sure to impress. In ancient Celtic times, the Raven has been considered a messenger between the living and death, symbolizing the idea of transformation.


The pendant is also decorated with Celtic knotwork, for added cultural essence. The knots are associated with the interconnectedness nature of all things in the universe, making the pendant a truly meaningful piece. Constructed of fine sterling silver, the pendant and 18-inch chain are highly durable and rust-resistant, promising lifelong use.


For extra shimmer and glam, the pendant is also adorned with tiny black crystals. The necklace comes beautifully packaged, making a great gift idea for any occasion.