Irish Shamrock & Harp Pewter Glass Beer Tankard

Irish Shamrock & Harp Pewter Glass Beer Tankard

Item# AEW-GTNK04
Why We Love This
- Irish tankard crafted from durable glass, ensuring it can withstand daily use with an aesthetic appearance, to preserve the true taste of your beverages

- Featuring pewter detailing that showcase authentic Irish and Celtic symbols, the Shamrock, the Irish harp, Celtic Knotwork and the “Slainte” phrase

- The tankard has dimensions of 2.36 inches in width and 5.51 inches in height, making it spacious enough to hold a large drink

- With a unique design and cultural symbolism, this tankard would make a special Irish gift that can be used every day or on various occasions

Product Details

Elevate your drinking experience with our exceptional Irish Shamrock & Harp Pewter Glass Beer Tankard, a harmonious combination of durable glass and rustic pewter. Crafted from durable, non-porous glass, this tankard ensures that the true flavors of your beverages remain unaltered. The exquisite pewter details, thoughtfully placed on the lower part of the tankard and on its handle, are a testament to the artistry that goes into its creation. At the heart of this design, you'll find a stunning Shamrock detail adorned with intricate Celtic Knotwork. The Shamrock, deeply steeped in history and culture, is related to Saint Patrick, the spiritual patron of Ireland, and a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. An ancient symbol of the Celtic tradition, Celtic Knotwork with its unbroken and interwoven patterns symbolizes eternity, interconnectedness, and the cyclical nature of life. Additionally, the tankard proudly displays the iconic Irish harp motif, a heraldic symbol of Ireland since the 13th century. This symbol has long been associated with Irish pride. Completing this magnificent design is the 'Slainte' blessing, the heartfelt Irish way of saying 'Cheers,' wishing good health, happiness, and well-being to those you're with, adding the perfect finishing touch to this exquisite tankard. Measuring 2.36 inches in width and standing at a majestic 5.51 inches in height, this tankard is generously spacious, allowing you to savor and enjoy your favorite large drinks. Indulge in a drink with this one-of-a-kind tankard that not only enhances your drinking experience but also honors the rich cultural heritage of Ireland. Whether used every day or on special occasions, this versatile and exquisite tankard would make a remarkable Irish gift.
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