Irish Lamb With Scarf Soft Toy

Irish Lamb With Scarf Soft Toy

Item# 3231A
Why We Love This
Made of Soft Wool for a pleasant touch

Rich and Vibrant Colors

Featuring the beloved Irish Lamb

Product Details

  • The symbolism in the Irish Lamb with Scarf Soft Toy is a good way of introducing your kids to the rich cultural heritage of the country.
  • The toy’s soft wool is the perfect companion for cuddling during playtime or a sleeping companion to help your kids get a good slumber.
  • The stitching and attached acrylic eyes are ensured to stay in place even when pulled or bitten to prevent accidents.
  • The rich colors of the scarf and the soft wool material make this toy extra comfortable to play with any time.
  • The toy is a 100% Made in Ireland with a durable design and fabrication that is guaranteed to maintain its quality for a long time.
If you are looking for a soft toy for your young kids with a cultural significance, the Irish Lamb with Scarf Soft Toy can be the perfect Holiday present or birthday gift. It stands 6.5” in height, and the off-white fleece surely makes it a good cuddling toy.

What makes the Irish Lamb soft toy an excellent companion for your babies is its non-toxic and kid-proof material. The eyes are made from quality acrylic eyes and fastened to the cloth material to prevent accidental removal. The soft toy comes with a green and orange scarf, colors closely related to the country’s long history.

The Irish White Lamb with Scarf has an embroidered shamrock patch on its back. The shamrock is a time-old traditional symbol closely associated with luck and good fortune. The Irish Lamb with Scarf Soft Toy is a great companion for your young child providing them with the comfort they need when playing or sleeping.

The symbolism of this toy does not end with the obvious ones. The lamb also holds a significant value to the Irish culture and how religion played an essential role in shaping the whole nation. It is a sign of innocence in the Christian world and a good representation of the simplicity of your young ones.

Deeply embedded within the Irish culture is symbolism, and this soft toy is an excellent way of making your child understand their softness and vulnerability. It can be a loving reminder of their value and how a seemingly insignificant toy can embody their wholeness.

This soft toy is made from wool and designed and crafted by a quality Irish gift company located in Dublin. It is the perfect gift for your young boy or girl representing the cultural heritage of the country and an ideal way to subtly introduce them to our cultural background.
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