McMurfy Soft Toy

McMurfy Soft Toy

Item# 7245
Why We Love This
Makes an Ideal and Soft Irish Gift

Designed in Festive and Bright Colors

Features the lovely Irish McMurphy Leprechaun

Product Details

This super cute McMurfy Soft Toy is the perfect plushy gift for your Irish baby or young child. Made with a durable design and all soft fabrics, you can rest soundly knowing it’s just as safe as it looks.

This little Leprechaun, McMurfy, is topped with a green top hat featuring a classic gold buckle and shamrock detail, while his fuzzy red whiskers match perfectly his red bow-tie and shorts. Black buckled boots and a festive green coat finish off the look of this little guy. It’s the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.

Leprechauns are among the best-known folklore characters of Ireland, famed for their pot of gold at the end of rainbows and clever trickster ways. Originally, they were thought to be the cobblers of the fairies!

Made by the shamrock Gift Company, which has been based in Dublin for over 40 years.
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