Irish Wooley Jumper Salt N' Pepper Set

Irish Wooley Jumper Salt N' Pepper Set

Item# 3592
Why We Love This
Made from High-Quality Ceramic

Salt and Pepper Shakes

It features a Shamrock leaf on its body

Product Details

  • This ceramic Irish Wooley Salt N’ Pepper Shaker can either serve as a dispenser or as a kitchen or dining décor.
  • The item is made from quality ceramic and comes with an approximate height of 3” for ease of handgrip and use.
  • The lovely eyes of the sheep salt and pepper dispenser appears to communicate a loving message either of curiosity or, “Use me!”
  • The ceramic dispenser has a shamrock leaf at the middle portion of its body and a clear message of what’s inside.
  • Not only a great dispenser, but this item gives a big punch to the Irish culture and indicates a clear message of the country’s love for sweet and intricate details.
This beautiful set of doe-eyed Irish-themed salt and pepper shaker can bring life to your celebrations. They have perfectly crafted to imbibe an authentic feel of the Irish countryside. Aside from its adorable look, the Irish Wooley Jumper Salt N’ Pepper Shaker adds tons of embodiment of the Irish traditions. It has a shamrock leaf on its body and a clear sign of what's stored inside. It brings a tiny piece of Ireland into your kitchen and makes a beautiful collectible to pass down to your kids.

Ireland is known for its countless of herded sheep strewn across the country. Many also believe that there are more sheep than people in the country that sometimes the fact is being poked for fun. Road travelers often joke to wake them up when they see a sheep. This, in any sense, is not highly impossible because of every few minutes down the open road, a herd always appears.

Adding this lovely piece of beautifully crafted kitchenware can be a delight to the eyes. Its seemingly talking eyes can be the butt of a joke during celebrations and the salt n’ pepper shaker more than just provides its intended use. It can serve as a beautiful décor to your Irish-themed holidays, giving a delightful feel of the Irish countryside. Appealing and fun, this masterpiece from traditional Irish gift set manufacturer, Wooley Jumper, has a touch of an original and authentic Irish homeware and decorative accessory. It brings life to an everyday Irish creature and brings home a level of Irish brand.

The Irish Wooley Salt N’ Pepper Shaker has an approximate height of 3” and made with quality and durable ceramic. It serves a dual purpose of being a salt and pepper container and a fantastic set of kitchen décor to give your home an authentic Irish feel.
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