Muckross Weavers Flapper Hat Yellow Herringbone

Muckross Weavers Flapper Hat Yellow Herringbone

Item# MWFH602
Why We Love This
- Irish women's hat made of 100% wool tweed and fully lined for warmth and comfort

- Crafted with a herringbone design that represents the prosperous catch of fishermen

- Flapper hat with decorative hatband and a silver-colored buckle

- Our timeless hat is one size fits all with an elastic adjustable interior band

Product Details

If you want to add a sparkle of cultural authenticity to your outfits or offer an inspired-Irish gift to someone loved in your life, our Irish women’s flapper hat is a lovely choice. The hat is manufactured with attention to detail, from 100% wool tweed, a highly durable and moisture-wicking material, providing long-lasting comfort and warmth. This piece has a breathable lined interior and can be worn all year long.

The design is inspired by the elegant hats worn by women in the Roaring ’20s, a symbol of independence and individual style. Also, the herringbone design represents the prosperous catch of fishermen in Irish culture. The decorative hatband, the silver-colored buckle, and the short brim make this accessory a versatile choice of fashion, mixing tradition with modernity and comfort. The back of the hat has an elastic interior band for a perfect one size fits all.

With a soft leather flower motif at the side, our beautiful ladies’ hat will compliment any style and outfit for a variety of occasions.
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