Merino Ladies Open Face Cardigan

Merino Ladies Open Face Cardigan

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Why We Love This
- This luxuriously soft Aran cardigan is made from 100% Merino Wool, ensuring exceptional warmth, moisture resistance, and durability

- Drawing inspiration from traditional Aran sweaters, our cardigan showcases the richly textured patterns of cable, moss, and honeycomb stitches

- The open face design is complete with a lovely shawl collar, ribbed cuffs, and two front pockets to keep your hands cozy and warm

- Crafted in Ireland by SAOL Knitwear, this lovely garment guarantees authenticity, expert craftsmanship, and the finest materials

Product Details

Our Ladies Open Face Cardigan is a luxurious garment designed to provide comfort and style for any occasion. Made from the finest 100% Merino Wool, this exquisite Aran cardigan guarantees exceptional warmth, moisture resistance, and lasting beauty. Merino Wool is an incredibly lightweight, great heat insulator, and breathable material, making it suitable for everyday wear, both in the summer and winter. The authentic design goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Irish fishermen of the remote Aran Islands wore raw wool sweaters woven with richly textured patterns to protect themselves from the harsh conditions when out at sea. Similarly, the three-dimensional texture on this charming cardigan serves to protect against chilly weather, while also allowing for air circulation to avoid overheating. Beyond their functionality, these lovely patterns also hold deep meaning: showcasing a beautiful variety of the cable stitch, the design of this cardigan is a symbol of good fortune which is thought to represent the fishermen's nets and ropes; the moss stitch signifies abundance, prosperity, and a big harvest; the honeycomb is a symbol of hard work and its rewards. The classic design is complemented by modern features: a lovely shawl collar and two patch pockets add a dash of sophistication, making the cardigan unique and feminine. Crafted in Ireland by SAOL, a producer of traditional Aran knitwear translated into contemporary styles for modern sensibilities. Showcase Irish pride while looking stunning.
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