Non-Shiny Feis Number Holder

Non-Shiny Feis Number Holder

Why We Love This
Feis number holder crafted from 100% resistant non-shiny plastic, an ideal choice so the jury can easily see your number while performing

Designed with vibrant shades of green that allude to Ireland’s lush landscapes, providing an extra touch of Irish charm to your dancing experience

Measures 6” x 4”, ideal for placing it on your dress with ease, this number holder is great for any Irish dance competitions

This Irish number holder is a must-have for any Irish dancer who wishes to be remarked on and celebrate the heritage of the Emerald Isle

Product Details

If you are an aspiring Irish dancer and wish to excel at your dancing competitions, choose our Non-Shiny Feis Number Holder. This piece is crafted from 100% durable non-shiny plastic, a resilient material that is the perfect choice for the judges to easily spot your number during your dances. The captivating design of this feis number holder features vibrant shades of green alluding to Ireland’s natural rugged landscape. Wearing this number holder will make you feel like you carry a piece of the Emerald Isle with you through every dance routine, and will surely inspire you to become the best dancer out there. It is easy to attach to dresses and the plastic transparent sheet will protect your number, allowing you ease of movement. The holder measures 6” x 4” and will fit on any dress. Whether you are a professional Irish dancer or just starting up your journey into the wonderful world of competitive Irish dancing, our number holder is a must-have for you! It makes a wonderful addition to your dance necessities or a thoughtful gift for any talented Irish performer!
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