Official Guinness Merchandise

Official Guinness Merchandise
    If you love Guinness and everything about it you will love our official Guinness merchandise. We know that you take pride in Ireland and that there are many wonderful things that come out of your beloved country that cause that pride. And one of those treasures is the Guinness beer company. After spending years providing the perfectly crafted stout beer that people fall in love with after the first sip, they took some time to create a line of merchandise that is just as fantastic as the deliciously creamy beer they are known for.

Large range of Guinness clothing

    Our line of official Guinness merchandise includes Guinness shirts, jackets, caps, wall art, barware, and miscellaneous items that you’ll love. Our official Guinness shirts include a selection of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, performance sportswear shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Our Guinness shirts make a great throw-on-and-go item, with fantastic prints and colors you’ll find a shirt for every day of the week. Wear our Guinness performance sportswear shirts as you work up a sweat at practice or wear them to your favorite pub to catch the game while enjoying a nice pint of Guinness with friends. Our collection of official Guinness hoodies and sweatshirts will keep you warm and cozy during the colder months. With the option of both pullover Guinness hoodies and zip-up Guinness hooded sweatshirts, you can start a Guinness hoodie collection of your own.

Official Guinness Hats

    Our official Guinness hats have every style of hat you can think of for any season and occasion. For hot summer days when you need a bit of shade from the harsh rays of the sun, our official Guinness baseball caps are perfect protection. With a mix of five-panel and six-panel baseball caps, you’ll find a fit perfect for you. Our official Guinness knit hats are the perfect hat to keep you warm during the cooler months. You can choose between skull caps and beanie-style hats depending on your preference, all with the classic Guinness logo proudly featured on the front. We also have official Guinness flat caps with their great vintage feel in modern prints and Arthur Guinness Signature.

Guinness Barware Selection

    We also have an awesome collection of Guinness barware that’s great to use when you're hosting a party. We have everything from Guinness tankards to Guinness pint glasses so you can have the full experience when enjoying your Guinness at home. If you enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea you can enjoy it in one of our ceramic Guinness mugs. They’ll keep your drinks nice and hot for hours at a time with their fun tankard shape. And no bar is complete without an array of official Guinness coasters, bottle openers, and Guinness tea towels.
    For the art lovers of the world our official Guinness wall art make great collector’s items and add a vintage feel to your walls. Use them to decorate your home bar or hang them up in your living room for added decor. You have the choice between metal and wood wall panel pieces all with fun Guinness sayings. While our official Guinness miscellaneous items include all the things you never knew you needed and will definitely want. With a selection of socks, Guinness golf merchandise, and other fun miscellaneous items you’ll find a great collection of Guinness designed merchandise ready for your use.
    Ever since Guinness was opened in 1759 they have proven themselves to be a company that can be depended on for their quality beer. Through the years they have remained a staple, and they are the first beer one thinks of when they think of a stout beer. This is all due to the level of dedication and care they put into their product and it has risen them to one of the number one reasons to visit Ireland. So you know when you get anything that comes from Guinness you’re getting a quality product you can depend on. So take a look through our official Guinness merchandise to find a product you’ll love.
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