Highland Stag Pewter Shot Glass Holder

Highland Stag Pewter Shot Glass Holder

Item# AEW-SHOT04
Why We Love This
- This Scottish shot glass and glass holder set is meticulously crafted with pewter, a material that brings elegance and durability to the piece.

- A graceful pewter stag embraces the shot glass holder, symbolizing strength, grace, maturity and spiritual enlightenment

- Intricately engraved trinity knots are featured on the back of the glass holder, symbolizing eternity and interconnectedness

- Measured at approximately 1.57 inches x 2.36 inches, this glass holder balances aesthetic presence with practicality.

Product Details

Our AE Williams Stag Shot Glass Holder and Glass ensemble is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from high-quality pewter, the Scottish glass holder possesses a distinctive sheen that not only accentuates its elegant appearance but also emphasizes its durability. The glass holder boasts exceptional rust resistance ensuring enduring beauty What truly sets this creation apart is the intricate design: a splendid pewter stag that gracefully enwraps the shot glass holder. The stag is a symbol of strength and grace, exemplifies nature's beauty and resilience. On the reverse side of the holder is a meticulously engraved trinity knot adding a touch of Celtic symbolism. This trinity knot, characterized by its unbroken lines weaving into a mesmerizing pattern, hints at the interplay between life, death, and rebirth – a concept deeply rooted in Celtic tradition. Dimensions of approximately 1.57 inches x 2.36 inches make this piece an embodiment of compact elegance. Its presence is felt without being overpowering, making it an excellent addition to any drinkware collection.
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