Old Irish Blessing Plaque

Old Irish Blessing Plaque

Item# CS-0084-10
Why We Love This
Measurements Height 15cm Width 15.5cm

Our Irish Blessing Plaque in bronze is a perfect decor for every household and a perfect gift for every occasion.

A beautifully designed plaque, Our Irish Blessing Plaque features the words of one of the most popular Irish blessings.

Our blessing plaque is handcrafted in a bronze-plated design, with a cold cast bronze-plated construction.

Finished with Celtic knots, our Irish Blessing Plaque features a border motif and graceful shamrocks between them.

Our Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze measures 6" x 6" x 1/2" and is effortlessly easy to carry and hang onto your wall.

Product Details

Perfect decor for every household and a perfect gift for every occasion, we present the majestic Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze. As the name suggests, the Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze is a beautifully designed plaque containing an Irish blessing. The plaque is elegantly crafted in a bronze-plated design that speaks volumes about the superior craftsmanship of the Irish. The entire Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze is handcrafted, with a cold cast bronze-plated construction. It is completed with Celtic knots placed all along the perimeter and graceful shamrocks expertly placed between them, making the plaque come off as supremely delightful and mesmerizing.

The Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze is titled ‘An Old Irish Blessing’ that says, “May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.” This gracious blessing makes every household enters a temple of bliss, joy, and abundance. Imagine gifting it to your loved ones and seeing their faces being lit up as they read the blessing. Imagine receiving a call from them a few days later, where they thank you from the bottom of their heart and gladly inform you that the Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze has filled their lives with peace and abundance of God. How good would that be? How great would that feel to you? Best of all, imagine buying the plaque for your home and seeing your home turn into an abode of bliss, peace, and abundance. That is what we intend to do with the miraculous Irish Blessing Plaque – Bronze.
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