Lambswool Ladies Shawl - Pink

Lambswool Ladies Shawl - Pink

Item# LLS100-908-OS
Why We Love This
- Irish shawl crafted with great care from a blend of 80 lambswool and 20% polyamide, ensuring a soft, and breathable fit, ideal for prolonged comfortable wear

- Side button closure that ensures many styling options, whether layered over a turtleneck, paired with a dress, or work over a jacket

- Measures 27” in width and 67” in length and features an asymmetrical V-shaped design that will create a mesmerizing movement effect and enhance your silhouette

- Made in Ireland, with respect for its centuries-old knitting heritage, our shawl makes a lovely present for all ladies

Product Details

If you are a lover of elegant clothing pieces, look no further than our Lambswool Ladies Shawl - Pink! This shawl is made from 80% authentic soft lambswool and 20% polyamide, a blend that maintains its shape and offers softness to the touch. Our shawl is designed with an asymmetrical appearance that will flow in the wind and enhance your natural silhouette. Additionally, the side button closure allows you to adjust the neckline of the shawl and style it in numerous ways. Measuring 27” in width and 67” in length, the shawl can be draped over the body, wrapped around the shoulders, or even worn as a scarf. You can layer it over a turtleneck or even a leather jacket for an unconventional look. This Irish shawl makes a perfect present for the elegant lady in your life!
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