Highland Cow PJ Case / Hot Water Bottle Cover - Brown

Highland Cow PJ Case / Hot Water Bottle Cover - Brown

Item# JL-MRT30042
Why We Love This
- Adorable hot bottle cover made from 100% lightweight and soft polyester plush

- Designed with the gentle Highland cow, a lovely Scottish symbol

- The cover fits 1 liter, or 33 oz hot bottles that are great for tummy aches or to warm you up at night

- This cover makes a versatile gift that also connects you to Scottish roots

Product Details

If you are looking for the perfect Scottish-inspired gift that is both practical and adorable, look no further than our Highland Cow Hot Bottle Cover.

This item can hold 1 liter or 33 oz hot bottles that are perfect for tummy aches or placing in your bed for that extra warmth. With this cover, you will elevate your simple hot bottle, as well as add more comfort when holding it, and avoid risks of burning yourself. This cover is crafted with attention to detail, from 100% polyester plush, a soft and lightweight material that will surely last for years to come.

The design features the Highland cow, a type of cattle that is specific to Scotland. This adorable animal, with long wavy woolen coats, has a gentle temperament and is greatly appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

By using this cover not only will you bring a cute touch to your hot bottle, but you will also celebrate the importance of Scotland's fauna.
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