Set of 5 Traditional Irish Whistles Key "D"

Set of 5 Traditional Irish Whistles Key "D"

Item# FW01setof5
Why We Love This
- Set of 5 traditional Irish whistles in the key D, crafted with attention to detail from corrosion-resistant brass with a polished finish that ensures durability for years to come

- Each whistle is authentically designed with a mouthpiece and 6 holes that create wonderful tunes whenever combined, ideal for beginners and pros alike - The set also contains a fingering chart and international instruction sheets with various songs to help you begin learning to play this unique instrument

- Made in Ireland, this set of 5 whistles is the perfect way to celebrate the musical heritage of Ireland and make a gift to a loved one

Product Details

Celebrate the musical heritage of Ireland and learn how to play traditional Irish instruments with our Set of 5 whistles FW01. These whistles are attentively crafted from brass, a durable material that is highly resistant to tarnish and ensures to make a long-lasting addition to your collection of all things Irish. The whistles are key D and designed with a mouthpiece and 6 holes that will produce enchanting music when combined. This traditional instrument celebrated the scenery, people, and way of life of the Irish and Celtic, as their stories were spread through music. By learning to play this instrument you are not only picking up a new skill but immersing yourself into the wonderful history of Ireland. The set comes with fingering charts and international sheets with many songs that will help you become an expert on the Irish whistle. Our set of 5 Irish whistles is manufactured by artisans in Ireland and would make the perfect gift for lovers of music or those who wish to celebrate Irish heritage!
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