Irish Claddagh Necklace

Irish Claddagh Necklace

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Beautiful pendant - a completely unique piece, handcrafted in the heart of Dublin, by Solvar

Made from rhodium-plated base metal with a green enamel heart in the middle

The design depicts the classic, yet timeless Claddagh

Dimensions: 0.62” x 0.62”, with an 18” chain

Product Details

Surprise a loved one with this beautiful Irish Claddagh Necklace! Such a piece is completely unique, being handcrafted with love and care, right in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, by Solvar Jewelers, a family-owned business that has been making jewelry since 1941. Our pendant is resistant and sturdy and guarantees to surpass the test of time. It is made from a rhodium-plated base metal, with a green enamel heart in the middle. Soak this piece in warm water for a few minutes, then gently rub it to remove any dirt. Allow it to airdry. Avoid harsh substances. The design depicts the classic, yet timeless Claddagh. This Irish symbol represents the formula for the perfect love story: friendship (the hands), love (the heart), and loyalty (the crown). The Claddagh is often used as a symbol of Irish heritage and identity, and it can be found in the form of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. The Irish often use it as a symbol of love and especially like making wedding rings that feature the Claddagh. This makes this piece the perfect gift for your pattern or even the perfect wedding gift for the big day of a dear one!
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