Kids Claddagh Celtic Cross Necklace

Kids Claddagh Celtic Cross Necklace

Item# S44399
Why We Love It
Crafted from high-quality sterling silver for lifelong durability

Features a Celtic Cross design that symbolizes faith and heritage

The Claddagh is a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship

The pendant measures 0.87’’ long and comes with an 18’’ chain

Wash with warm water and mild soap and keep away from humidity

Product Details

Show your Irish pride and make a bold statement with this beautiful sterling silver pendant. It features a delicate Celtic cross design with a Claddagh ring in the center. The Celtic cross is a beautiful Irish symbol that combines the Christian cross with the circle, a symbol from the pre-Christian era which represents the sun or the idea of eternity. The Claddagh is a nice touch with its symbolism of love, friendship, and loyalty. The circle of the cross gives a whole new meaning to the symbolism of Claddagh, making the pendant a perfect gift to express eternal love, loyalty, and friendship for someone special in your life. Crafted with care and featuring an authentic Irish design, this pendant is the perfect Irish gift!
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