Aran Open Front Long Coat

Aran Open Front Long Coat

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Why We Love This
- Our ladies’ coat is masterfully knit with 100% Merino wool for luxurious softness and long-lasting wear

- Features Aran cable stitches traditionally worn by Irish fishermen since the beginning of the 20th century

- This Aran long coat has an open front and two patch pockets, combining practicality with style

- Makes a great addition to anyone’s closet, be it a culturally inspired gift for a dear one or a treat for yourself

Product Details

Coat! Authentically inspired by the Aran knit pieces worn by fishermen, the coat carries on the age-old Irish tradition of knitting. Aran knitwear was commonly made and designed by the wives of the fishermen using special stitching techniques with the purpose of keeping them protected from the cold, as well as being lucky charms when at sea. These stitches increase the breathability and warmth of the materials used, allowing air to circulate to avoid overheating. Besides their functionality, the stitches are imbued with cultural meaning, each having its own story behind it. The cable stitch mirrors the ropes used by the brave Irish fishermen and symbolizes a wish for good luck during sea ventures. Other interpretations suggest that the cable stitch represents the idea of strength and unity as the fishermen had to remain strong in order to safely return home. This coat is carefully knit of 100% Merino wool, a fully organic material ethically sourced from Merino sheep, making it an excellent eco-friendly choice. Merino wool is best known for its unmatched softness, great durability, moisture resistance, and heat-insulating properties, qualities that guarantee our coat can be worn all year round – it will keep you dry and cool during hot summer days and cozy when the temperatures start to drop. Featuring an open front, this Aran coat provides a multitude of styling options - you can style it with various belts of many sizes and designs, with a Celtic brooch, or by itself. The coat also incorporates functional patch pockets that will keep your hands warm. The pockets are spacious enough to securely store your essentials. Our Merino coat makes an unforgettable gift idea for any occasion. Be it a present for a dear friend or relative to remind them of their heritage, or a special treat for yourself, this open-front long coat will not go unnoticed!
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