AB Crystal Navette Buckles

AB Crystal Navette Buckles

AB Crystal Navette Buckles
Why We Love This
Easy to attach

Beautiful and tasteful crystal detail

Product Details

• Set of 2 buckles
• Rectangular Frame
These Irish Dance shoe buckles come in a rectangular frame that is not only sleek but also curved to show off a magnificent display of AB crystal rhinestones.
• Crystal Navette Design
Decorating each shoe buckle with brilliant shine is a row of five AB crystal Navette rhinestones, which are surrounded by delicate 3-mm AB dot crystals. Framing these crystals are circular 6-mm AB rhinestones on the borders.
• Rainbow Colors
These shoe buckles sparkle like an exquisite rainbow, as their AB crystal rhinestones beam with alluring shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink, allowing these buckles to match with shoes and outfits of all colors!
• Easy Fastening
These buckles come with an easy, straightforward shoe fastening design. Simply attach each buckle by threading shoelaces through the arm brace located at the back of each buckle.
• Made by Antonio Pacelli
Created with the best craftsmanship, these shoe buckles are made by Antonio Pacelli, a quality brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over 40 years and is based in England.

Bring some lustrous elegance and color to your Irish dance looks with these AB Crystal Navette Buckles! These shoe buckles will transform any pair of dancing shoes into dazzling spectacles with a rectangular frame that is curved to show off a lovely rhinestone design. At the center of each buckle is a row of five crystal marquise-shaped, or Navette rhinestones. Complementing the glow of these stones are surrounding 3-mm dot crystals that also radiate just as beautifully. Finishing off this sparkling design are larger circular 6-mm crystal rhinestones that decorate all four borders of the rectangle. All of the rhinestones are AB crystals, which are each made with a coating that emits a rainbow of colors that beam under any light. These crystals are so splendidly colorful that they are named after the northern lights seen in the sky, also called Aurora Borealis, which is what the “AB” in “AB crystal rhinestones” stands for. The AB crystal rhinestones in this buckle set show off a head-turning array of yellow, pink, blue, and purple hues. Easy to attach, these buckles are fastened to shoes by threading shoelaces through an arm brace located at the back of each buckle. Shine like a rainbow at your next performance with these AB Crystal Navette buckles!
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